January 27, 2023:  Fill in Friday

Wow, time keeps flying by me.  Fun news, my grand-daughter was elected to be on her high school Winter Fest court.  The big event is tonight.  She will be walked onto the basketball court at half-time, in formal wear, and escorted by her father and brother.   During this event, the king and queen will be announced.  So, I need to be there!  Whether she is queen or not, she is one of my princesses.  

I'll be doing a bit of travel and spending the next couple of family days away from home.   So I leave you this morning with some of my antics from a few years ago.  P.S.  I am note as heavy anymore (-:

Remember Lilly Tomlin's character, Edith Ann?  Enjoy a few picutres of me planying Edith Ann in big chairs during a trip I made to Maine.

My first big chair experience.

Oh look, another chair.

I just can't resist.

This is so much fun!

Well, this one is going to be a challenge to get up there and sit.

The first step up was a treat, then I had to crawl through the arm of the chair.

Finally, I made it.

My grand stand!