January 31, 2023:  Another Ending

January 2023 is about to end.  I am delighted to say, I have stayed true to my goal of participating daily in The Ultimate Blogging Challenge.  

So, today is another transition in my life.  It marks another old ending for me.  It also marks a new beginning.  

During my silent time this morning, this question came to me, “Are you going to continue to blog everyday?”  My answer, “I don’t know.”  I then asked myself, “Why would you?” and “Why wouldn’t you?” 

What came up next for me was recalling a podcast from, The Life Coaching School, hosted by Brooke Castello.  She suggests five questions to ask ourselves to unveil our truest desires.  Here are the questions: each begins with, If I had one year to live . .  .

I have been taught, when I set a new goal for myself, to examine  my WHY.  Great wisdom!  I think Castello offers the five questions listed above as a way to gain greater clarity about what we desire, what is the identity we want, and how we want to show up in the world.

I am a toddler at blogging, this is my second go round in the challenge.  I often find myself comparing myself to other bloggers’ writing skills, their beautiful sites, and greater “techy skills.” When I step back and look at what I learned, I remind myself I am still learning and have actually gained some new skills.  I have made some oops, but isn’t that how we learn?  

Participating in the challenge has given me a desire to learn more about blogging.  I’ll be looking at taking some blogging courses.  I definitely want to improve my blogging skills.  Who knows, I may even grow into a teen at blogging.  

Finally, I want to express my appreciation for all the participants of the challenge who took their time to read and comment on my post.  Your comments helped me grow, and frequently validated the value of the  intent of my message.  

Wishing you all the best in ALL WAYS!