January 3, 2023

Let’s start today with a simple definition of a life transition.  A life transition is an event or situation which causes a change in life as you know it.  No matter if the event or situation is anticipated or unexpected, it changes your life and the world around you, and it requires you to show up differently than you did before.  Life transitions impact all areas of your life!

Yesterday, I alluded to the anticipated or expected events and situations that change our lives.  I frequently refer to these as ’on time events.’ These changes in our lives are often the assumptions we make about how our life should unfold, like graduating from school, starting your first job, marriage, becoming a parent, buying your first home, or that ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation. 

I also shared with you examples of ‘off time events’ or those unexpected events and situations like losing a job, a health care crisis, losing a loved one, a change in a relationship, or even experiencing some type of trauma. In his book, Life is in the Transitions, Bruce Feiler suggests these types of changes can lead to, “life quakes,” a massive burst of change leading to a period of upheaval, transition, and renewal.  

Life transitions are coming our way, be prepared!  Fieler suggests we experience one transition every 12 to 18 months with three to five of them being a “life quake” within our lifetime.  Life transitions are emotional experiences.  The unexpected and off time events even more so. They disrupt our lives, our dreams and even our confidence.   We start listening to our inner voice telling us falsehoods about ourselves like, “You are not smart enough to manage this situation.” or “You are too naive.”   Often we get stuck in our assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs about how life will unfold after the transition.  We question and wonder, “Now what?”  

Navigating through the disruption is voluntary, it is the only means of successfully reimagining and reconstructing our lives.  It’s not easy, just remember you control your story, you create a new beginning.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back tomorrow!