Gritty Sisters

with Debra Berry, CPC, ELI-MP

Life Transitions Coach

Welcome to Gritty Sisters and Life Transitions Coaching 

with Debra Berry, CPC, ELI-MP

What is Gritty Sisters?

Gritty Sisters began as a group I started on Facebook.  I created a community of women who would inspire and support other women while finding inspiration and support for themselves.  In less than four months, it has grown to over 600 members.  It is a private group; however, you can always ask to join all the amazing women there.


Who is a Gritty Sister?

A Gritty Sister is a woman of  passion, perseverance, and power.  She strives to overcome challenges and maintains an effort, despite adversities or plateaus in her progress or failures in steps along the way, to achieving her goal.

A Gritty Sister is made of true GRIT!

I  believe women are made of GRIT.  We experience changes in our lives both planned and unexpected.  When these changes occur, we need time to decompress, recompose, and often reinvent who we are and what are lives are about after these transitions.  When times are tough gritty women persevere and truck through the muck to make things happen for themselves and others. 

A Gritty Sister has the: 

These are the women who inspire me and lift me up.  When times are challenging, they help me pull up my big girl panties, when I need to truck through the muck.  When it is time to celebrate, they throw confetti and sing and dance with me. 

As a life coach, and as a woman who has not just survived 

but thrived through my own life transitions, 

I am here to walk along side YOU 

as you navigate through the changes in your life.

Now read on to learn about Life Transitions Coaching and My Story.