January 2, 2023

In his book, The Only Thing That Matters, Neale Donald Walsch writes, “You have been told that to be happy in life you need to get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the spouse, get the kids, get the better job, get the better house, get the promotion . . .” 

Many of us, including myself, grew up with plans to get many of these things. The truth is I did!  I was blessed!  I experienced many of the events and experiences I learned to expect, and I am grateful for each one of them.  What I did not learn was there would be the unexpected life events which shake us up and lead us down a path we least anticipated.

In less than two years, my life turned into a frenzy.  I lost a job, started a new job, and eight months later lost that job.  Because of the change in jobs, I made five moves to two new locations.  My mother, a sister, and my father died within that same period.  And finally, I was diagnosed with a major health challenge.

I found I was meeting myself coming and going. I felt disorganized and scattered. I felt like I was running in circles, and often I felt alone in the middle of the circle not knowing which way to turn. I was tired, weary, and stressed to my limit. There was little peace and quiet or time for me to engage in the activities I enjoyed. I missed out on connecting with my family and friends. Things I felt passionate about were put to the side. I told myself to buck up, get up, and quit whining. I was holding on and trying to survive. My challenges did not not stop with what I just shared with you, life’s changes and challenges keep on keeping on!

So fast forward, as I “retired,” which to me meant I would set my own schedule and work on my passion and purpose.  I no longer identified as a nurse.  I wanted to continue as a life coach, however my previous niche had been in the healthcare arena, and I did not want to stay there either. 

As I looked at where I had been and where I was currently, I began to identify my passion for empowering, inspiring, and supporting women.  I recognized the grit women possess that carries them through tough times.  Thus, I have begun coaching women through transitions in their lives.

Extrapolating from the work of Brue Feiler’s book, Life is in the Transitions, and the work of Bruce Schneider’s book, Energy Leadership, along with my own experiences navigating through the transitions in my life, I have created a model to help women move through their life transitions. During this blogging challenge, I will share bits and pieces of what I have learned.

Stay tuned!