January 21, 2023:  Procrastination

It’s late in the afternoon already.  I have a list of things I want to accomplish today, and so far I have only checked off three of them.  I still have seven items to complete.  Poor me.

Do you ever set expectations for the day of things you want to get done?  I do find if I put them in writing, I get great satisfaction crossing them off when completed. However, I am still great at putting them off.

One of the reasons I am challenged to complete things earlier in the day, especially when I don’t have to leave my house for the day, is a big ”bug a boo” of mine, PROCRASTINATION.  I don’t necessarily consider myself lazy, I just have a hard time getting started on that list.

So, in an attempt to get started earlier in the day, here are two things I need to do to get going earlier.

First, change my identity.  Did you catch it? I said, “I have a hard time getting started?  I realized by thinking behind this is, I will have to struggle to get through, and I don’t know where or how to start.  Then, I feel lazy, overwhelmed, and even tired.  Thus, I procrastinate.  So, I need to change my identity to something like this . . .  I easily get started first thing in my day completing the task I have set for myself.  Feel the difference in energy in my new identity and thought?

Second, this morning, I listened to a brief presentation by Dean Graziosi, author, trainer, entrepreneur, and investor.  He talked about raising one’s energy, and here are three things he said which got my attention.

Here is how I plan to use these.

Now, I am out of here for today, three wins down and seven to go!