January 27, 2023:  Fill in Friday

Wow, time is flying by me.  My grand-daughter was elected to be on her high schools Winter Fest Court.  The announcement and crowning of the king and queen takes place tonight, and I want to be there.  Whether she is queen or not, she is still one of my favorite princesses!  Therefore, I will be traveling to see her and spend a couple of days with family.  Because of being away from home an focusing on family, I am changing direction a bit, and leave you today with photos of some of my antics on my way to Maine.

Remember Lily Tomlin's character Edith Ann and her stories from her big chair.  Well, here are my big chairs.  Girls just want to have fun!

P.S.  Who is this woman?  Oh, happy to say, I am not as heavy today!

My first big chair.

Oh, I am loving finding these chairs.

Next chair.  Don's ask me why I love these big chairs.  I just do!

How fun am I having?

The biggest and best chair and most challenging.

I had to climb through the arm to get in to this chair.

Made it!

My final stance!