January 12, 2023:  Level 6 & 7 Energy

Welcome back!  Today, completes my discussion of energy levels related to life transitions.  

The New Beginning has appeared on the horizon and you become the author and real hero of your story.  Level 6 Energy and Level 7 Energy are unveiled.  These two levels are the high anabolic or positive energy.  

The core thought and role of Level 6 is synthesis and being a visionary.  There is a coming together of parts to create a whole.  The experience becomes the opportunity, and our intuition comes alive. There is no good or bad and nothing to improve. Level 6 is a very creative and proactive energy.  We experience a sense of joy and wisdom here.   In his book, The 7 Level Framework for Mastery in Life and Business, Bruce Schneider explains, “Unlike happiness, which can be fleeting, joy is permanent, no matter whatever else you may feel at this level.  You might feel sorrow, but simultaneously, you are still at a level where you can experience joy.”  He goes on to state, “Wisdom is based on a deep and profound sense of knowing, linked to your intuition, and when you use your intuition, you tap into your true genius.”

Level 7 is the most challenging level to explain and understand.  I’ll use Bruce’s words again from his book to give you an overview of this level.  He writes, “Finally, when you reach Level 7, you completely leave judging behind.  You are flooded with absolute passion for all of life’s experiences and are able to tap your talent for being deeply creative. You have now touched the core of who you truly are.  At this level, you have the potential to manifest almost anything into your life in an instant.  Most important, at this level, you are able to consciously use any of the lower levels to your benefit.”

Bruce is the founder of iPEC (The Institute of Excellence in Coaching).  I completed my coaching training through iPEC. I have had the opportunity and privilege to hear him on multiple occasions and study his work.  I remember Bruce describing Level 7 as being impossible to maintain for any prolonged time because of the intensity of the energy.  

In my own experiences of life transitions, I have experienced Level 6 Energy.  Being a part of this blog challenge is a part of an opportunity, I saw, as I re-create and re-energize my coaching practice.  My old ending of coaching within the realm of leadership and health care gave way to leading me through the messy middle of what I wanted to do next and how I wanted to show up in the world now as a transitions coach,  and as someone who with a  passion and the purpose for coaching women through life transitions by empowering, inspiring, and supporting them as they create their new beginnings.

As for Level 7, I believe I have experienced ‘blimps’ when I spend time in nature.  I hope to experience many more of these ‘blimps’ in my life.  After all, I am a work in progress!

I have attached a song from Garth Brooks, The River, which speaks to me about navigating through the waters of life transitions. 

Thank you so much for following along.  I am most grateful to each of you that have taken the time to read the these posts and comment.  I hope you  have found a small ‘nugget’ of information you can utilize through your life transitions.  Be gentle with yourself as you navigate the waters of change.  


I am not sure where tomorrow or the rest of the month will lead.  I promise to do my best to bring you something that will enlighten you and delight you in some way!

Stay tuned!