What is Life Transitions Coaching?

What Do I Mean by a Life Transition?

A life transition can be:

You make assumptions about how your life will unfold.  Change happens.  Your life becomes disrupted. dreams shattered, and confidence is punctured, and even paralyzed.  Transitions are emotional, you may experience fear, sadness, shame, guilt, anger, and loneliness, however you do not need to stay stuck.

Life changes sometimes in ways we expect and perhaps dream of 

and at other times in ways we could never anticipate.


I would like to tell you the unexpected changes I experienced were easy, but the truth is they were tough.  During these tough changes in my life, I found I was meeting myself coming and going.  I felt disorganized and scattered. I felt like I was running in circles, and often I felt alone in the middle of the circle not knowing which way to turn.  I was tired, weary, and stressed.  There was little peace and quiet, or time for me to engage in the activities I enjoyed.  I missed out on connecting with my family and friends.  Things I felt passionate about were put to the side.  I told myself to buck up, get up, and quit whining.  I was holding on trying to survive. 

How Can I Help You Through Your Life Transition?

I'll work with you to create a vision for your optimal future, 

how ever you define it and based on your values.  

Then, I'll support you as you make that vision a reality. 

Unlike therapy and counseling, which focuses primarily on the past and present, together we focuses almost entirely on the present and future.  We will work together to identify your goals, the obstacles standing in your way, and create an action plan to achieve your desired outcomes. 

As a Life Transition Coach, I am here to  help you succeed, grow, and thrive to become more effective in any and all areas of your life.   I will help you understand the process of change, be your partner, guide you and encourage you, help you plan, as you move towards where you want to land.


How I Will Support and Assist you During the Transition

In essence as your Life Transition Coach, I will help you manage challenging transitions in your life.  This does not mean I will tell you what to do, however we will partner in a working relationship  to overcome difficulties , remembering transformation can only happen when you understand, accept and ready yourself to overcome challenges.

During our time together I will be the calm, stability, and support you need  and help you: