January 1, 2023

Welcome to my Gritty Blog! 

Hello HaPpY New Year!

I am excited to share with you, I have accepted my first challenge of 2023 by participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.   This challenge involves working my way through and posting 31 blog posts in January.

Each day, beginning today, because yesterday was my family Christmas time together, I will be sharing with you what I have come to experience and understand about navigating successfully through the transitions in our lives.

I chose the word Gritty in the title of my blog to describe a strength of character and to define the four characteristicsof grit I believe help us navigate our life transitions. 

I would also add Passion, Perseverance and Purpose as characteristics contributing to being Gritty, but more about that later.

No matter who we are, we have and will continue to experience changes in our lives.  Extrapolating from the work of Brue Feiler’s work in his book, Life is in the Transitions, and the work of Bruce Schneider in his book, Energy Leadership, along with my own experiences navigating through the transitions in my life, I have created a model to help you move through your life transitions. During this blogging challenge, I will share bits and pieces of what I have learned.  

Thanks for showing up and stay tuned.